The certification period is five years. During that time, the member must accumulate 150 hours of applicable credits for renewal.

MASBO credits are automatically tracked in our database. Please note that only credits after July 2009 have been uploaded into the database. If you received your initial certification prior to July 2009, and would like to use credits for your recertification from events in 2008 and early 2009, those are not listed in your profile. You will need to manually enter those credits into your professional development portal.

Credits will also be accepted from other types of professional development, including Region or MDE trainings, vendor sessions, etc. Program participants should retain a copy of the session CE form showing credits, and the agenda as proof of attendance for all non-MASBO sessions. This back-up may be requested as part of the audit process.

Professional Development Portal

Attendance at all MASBO events will be uploaded into each member’s professional development portal, after the event registration has been reconciled. This information will be set by MASBO, and will not be able to be altered by members in their portal. Each event will include a link to a CE certificate. Members will also have the ability to upload listings for other non-MASBO professional development events.

Applying for Recertification

To submit an application for recertification, first make sure that the events listed in your Professional Development portal for the previous five years of your certification period include at least 150 hours. These hours can come for any combination of MASBO, Region, MDE ASBO, and other non-MASBO events. Then complete the on-line Application for Recertification. There is a $25 application fee, for which you will be prompted to designate if you will pay by credit card, or receive an invoice.

After the application is received by MASBO, you will receive a confirmation email to verify receipt, and will receive notification of your recertification within 30 days. If approved, the certification will be renewed for another five years, and a new certificate can then be downloaded. You will also be contacted if additional information is needed, or if an application is denied. Random audits will be completed to ensure that reporting is accurate.

The re-certification deadline is 6 months after the renewal day. If the renewal is not completed after this time, the certification designation is cancelled, and removed from the member profile. After this point, the certification can only be attained by completion of the full certification program. Credits for recertification may be earned any time prior to the five year plus six month renewal deadline. Credits after the final deadline (6 months after the renewal date) will not be accepted.

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