Leadership Academy FAQs

What is the MASBO Leadership Academy?

The MASBO Leadership Academy is a voluntary system, established in 2008. It provides focused training to school business officials in order to:

  • Offer practical leadership education that will help school business officials succeed and excel in their employment, and
  • Provide an environment where relationships can be established to aid in the educational process by drawing on the experiences of the diverse group of participants along with knowledgeable, quality instructors.

Is this only for school business officials in the Business Manager role?

No. The Leadership Academy is highly recommended for all District staff members that are currently, or strive to be in a leadership role.

What are the requirements for completing the Leadership Program?

There are eight required sessions included in the Leadership Academy. No more than one session may be missed to "graduate” from the academy.

  • Personal Development
  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Effective Leadership
  • Management Styles/Fundamentals
  • Vision/Strategic Planning/Long Range Thinking
  • Community Relationships

How and when are classes offered?

In an effort to maximize the quality of the Academy, sessions have been scheduled so that they are offered at differing times from existing MASBO conferences/meetings. The Academy kicks off with a two-day session in January.  All other sessions are full day, unless otherwise noted.  Dates for the upcoming cohort are:

  • January 23-24, 2018
  • February 15, 2018 (book discussion webinar)
  • March 7, 2018
  • April 11, 2018
  • July 25, 2018
  • October 3, 2018
  • January 16, 2019
  • February 27, 2019

(There also will be a breakout session held for Leadership Academy participants at the 2018 MASBO Fall Conference, date TBD)

The opening two day session will be held at a hotel in the Maple Grove area, with a group evening activity. All other sessions will be held at the MASBO office training facility, at 1000 Westgate Drive, in St. Paul. Lodging and travel expenses are not included in your registration fee.

In addition to the above sessions, there is also an optional Leadership Academy breakfast held at the MASBO Annual Conference in May.

Can I attend a few of the leadership classes without going through the whole Academy?

No. The ongoing interaction of Academy attendees is an important aspect of the Academy.

Are there any prerequisites to this Academy?

No. The only requirement is MASBO membership.

Are the Leadership Academy courses different from other MASBO professional development seminars?

Yes. The Academy is designed to provide major points on several key school business management topics. The academy sessions are broken down into segments set in a smaller setting of about 20-25 participants to allow for round table discussions.

How much does the Leadership Academy cost?

The cost of the Leadership Academy is $1,000 for the two-year program plus any necessary travel and lodging expenses.

Is there a governing board for the Academy?

Yes. The MASBO Communications & Engagement Committee created the Leadership Academy under the direction of the MASBO Board of Directors. The committee will make revisions, evaluate the Academy, and deal with issues that are pertinent to the Academy.

Who may participate?

Any current Active or Associate MASBO member may participate. It’s easy to become a MASBO member.

Why should I participate in the Leadership Academy?

Completion of this Academy demonstrates a dedication to your profession and offers a base of useful information taught by professional experts or fellow colleagues in the school business field.

How and when do I apply?

Complete the application form. Forward the application along with your payment to MASBO when registration is open. Look for information at www.mnasbo.org under the Events Tab.

Can I use these credits to maintain my certification?

Each session may count towards re-certification.

How do I keep track of the classes I attended?

MASBO will track participation in the Academy. The participant is responsible for keeping track of individual continuing education units.

What happens if I miss more than one class?

The Leadership Academy consists of seven sessions (eight days) over sixteen months. Each attendee is permitted to be absent from one session and still "graduate” from the Academy. The Academy understands extenuating circumstances may exist and will make a reasonable effort to assist in those circumstances to aid with "graduation” if the participant requests.

Can I attend classes over a period of longer than 15 months, picking up missed classes during the next cycle of classes?

To encourage relationship building it is required that all classes be completed with the same group.

Is the Leadership Academy the same as the Certification Academy?

No. The Leadership Academy is an additional opportunity, which focuses on professional leadership growth. The Certification Program will continue to be offered by MASBO.

Will there be testing?

No. This is a voluntary Academy with the intention that participants will be self-motivated to accomplish the goals of the Academy.

What will the attendee receive upon completion of the Leadership Academy?

Upon successful completion of the Leadership Academy, attendees will be awarded a certificate of completion. A letter of recognition will be sent to the school superintendent, the school board chair, and the local media. All graduates will be recognized at MASBO’s annual conference.

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