Certification Program - Frequently Asked Questions

What is MASBO certification?

MASBO certification is a voluntary system, established in 2007/2008 by the Minnesota Association of School Business Officials (MASBO). It provides focused training to school business officials in order to:

  • Offer practical information that will help school business officials succeed and excel in their employment, and
  • Establish a basis for advancing professionalism of school business officials and ensuring current and prospective school business officials have a base knowledge about laws, regulations, and procedures for functioning in a Minnesota school district.

Who may become certified?

Any current MASBO member or nonmember may become certified. Please note Active members will receive higher priority in the registration process over Associate members.

Is this only for school business officials in the Business Manager role?

No. The certification program is highly recommended for Business Office staff (bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, etc.) that strive to be leading school business officials.

Why should I become certified?

Obtaining certification demonstrates a dedication to your profession and offers a base of useful information taught by professional experts or fellow colleagues in the school business field.

What are the requirements for completing the certification program?

There are required and elective courses offered for the certification program. The requirements are as follows:

  • MASBO Institute – 30 hours
  • Certification Courses – 33 hours
  • Additional MASBO CEs – 27 hours

What are the additional MASBO CEs?

The additional MASBO CEs consist of the MASBO conferences offered throughout the year: fall conference, winter conference, annual conference, tax levy workshop, and legislative conference. Topics covered at these conferences will provide additional information not covered in the certification courses.

How and when do I apply?

Once the initial pre-requisite of attending MASBO Institute or having seven years of school business experience has been attained, you can submit your application for the program and start courses at any time. You can submit either an electronic or pdf application.

How do I maintain my certification?

Every five years, the certified member must accumulate 150 hours from MASBO, ASBO, or other professional development seminars given by other entities. A fee of $25 is required for each five-year renewal period. All continuing education credits should be submitted to MASBO on the Re-Certification application form.

How and when are classes offered?

In an effort to minimize the time that certification program participants are away from their offices, classes have been scheduled so that they are offered around the same time as existing MASBO conferences/meetings. Classes are scheduled over a two-year period, and then the cycle is repeated. Classes are offered in approximately the same order every two years.

How do I keep track of the classes I attended?

You can keep track of these options under your member profile. To find your profile, go to the MASBO web site, and in the upper right corner click on 'Manage Profile", and then 'Professional Development.' We've also created a checklist to help you track your progress.

What happens if I miss a class?

The certification program is two years in length but allows for members to complete the program in five years. Classes are scheduled over a two-year period then the cycle is repeated. If you miss a class, you'll have to wait until the class is offered again.

Can I attend a couple of certification classes without going through the whole program?

Yes. A few spots will be reserved for MASBO members, but first priority will go to the members enrolled in the program.

What if I took some certification courses then later decided to complete the certification program?

The certification program is two years in length but allows for members to complete the program in five years. Credit will be given for all classes attended within a five-year period.

If I have attended the MASBO Institute in the past, do I need to attend it again?

No. If you have attended the MASBO Institute in the past, you will not be required to attend the Institute again.

Do I have to attend the MASBO Institute?

Yes and no. You have to attend the MASBO Institute if you are new to the school business profession (started after January 1, 2007). If you have been in the school business profession prior to January 1, 2007 and want to go through the certification process, you do not have to attend the MASBO Institute if you have 7 years of school business management experience. You would begin with the certification courses and additional MASBO CEs. To have the MASBO Institute requirement waived, the applicant has to complete the Certification application form.

Is the certification program the same as the International ASBO SFO program?

No. The certification program is a separate opportunity for professional growth. The ASBO International SFO Program is administered separately.

Are the certification program courses different from other MASBO professional development seminars?

Yes. The certification program courses are designed to provide major points on several key school business management topics. They are broken down into three-hour segments set in a smaller setting of 25-30 participants to allow for round table discussions.

Will there be testing?

Yes. There will be a test given at the end of each certification course. 70% passage rate is required to receive credit for the certification course.

What will be given upon completion of the certification program?

Upon graduation from the certification program, MASBO will award a certificate of completion. A letter of recognition will be sent to the school superintendent and school board chair. All graduates will be recognized at MASBO's annual conference.

How much does the certification program cost?

MASBO offers member and nonmember rates. The cost of the MASBO Institute is $395/$495. Each three-hour course is $75/$105. The cost for the additional MASBO CEs depends on which conference you attend.

Is there a governing board for the program?

Yes. The MASBO Communications & Engagement Committee created the certification program under the direction of the MASBO Board of Directors. The committee will make revisions, evaluate the program, and deal with issues that are pertinent to the program.

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