Completion of the Certification Program

The MASBO Certification Program consists of:

  • MASBO Institute (or seven years school business experience)
  • Certification Courses – 33 hours
  • Additional MASBO Credit Hours (from only MASBO Conferences and Workshops) – 27 hours

The program has been designed so an individual can attain the certification status in two years, but must complete the program within five years. Program participants must submit the Certification Form to indicate that all requirements have been met. After this form has been submitted and approved, the participant will receive notification, and a Certificate will be available for download from the Professional Development portal on the MASBO website. Recognition letters will also be sent upon request to the school Superintendent or School Board Chair to recognize the member for completion of the program.

Step 1: Access Your Professional Development Portal

MASBO offers the ability for you to track your professional development credits on the MASBO website. This system can be used to verify your credits toward MASBO certification or recertification. After you attend a MASBO event, your credits are automatically entered into your Professional Development portal. You also have the ability to enter other non-MASBO professional development activities into the module, which will be useful when you apply for recertification.

To access the Professional Development portal, simply log in to the MASBO website. This is available on the home page of the site or at the top of every page. Once you log in, you will see your member portal area. This will include your profile information, member-specific news updates, a listing of upcoming events, receipts and outstanding payments, etc. At the top of the page, there is a link to access the Professional Development area. Click on that link. Once you access the Professional Development area, you will see a listing of all the sessions that have been recorded for credit with MASBO. This section is sortable by several different criteria, including name, activity date, and type. If there are any discrepancies on this list with MASBO events that you believe you have attended, please contact the MASBO office.

Step 2: Verify Completion of All 11 Certification Courses

There are 11 Certification Courses. Please verify on your Professional Development portal that you have attended all of these required certification courses:

  1. Levy Process II
  2. General Education Funding II
  3. Budgeting II, Part 1
  4. Budgeting II, Part 2
  5. Special Education II
  6. Food Service II
  7. Transportation II
  8. Buildings & Grounds II
  9. Accounting & Auditing II
  10. Legal & Personnel II
  11. Cash Management & Investing II

Step 3: Verify Completion of at Least 27 MASBO Credit Hours

The 27 credit hours required to complete your certification must be from MASBO events. Verify on your Professional Development portal that at least 27 credit hours from MASBO conferences and workshops are listed (credit hours from MASBO Institute and Certification Courses don’t apply to this requirement).

Credit hours from non-MASBO events will only be accepted for re-certification (to maintain your certification once it is received, you must submit an application every five years for re-certification, and a combination of MASBO and non-MASBO CEs are accepted).

Step 4: Completion Form

Submit the Completion Form, indicating that program requirements have been met. You will receive notification once approval has been given.

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