2020 Virtual Conference
Change Delivered: MASBO 2020 Virtual Conference

Live Opening Keynote Presentation — April 28, 2020, 11:00am–Noon
Pre-recorded Sessions, Live Breakouts and Discussion Forums — May 4-22, 2020
Annual Business Meeting — May 7, 2020, 12:45pm

Join your colleagues from across the state for a new learning experience—our first virtual conference!

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A Dynamic and Informational Conference Experience

The conference will utilize a variety of formats to help members access the information that they need now, with most sessions available to be viewed on-demand. Session topics will include both need-to-know sessions for standard business office work, as well as those that specifically address changes and challenges from the coronavirus pandemic. This virtual event is being provided at no cost to MASBO members to support them at this unprecedented time.

Sessions will be scheduled and released over three weeks starting on May 4, to allow you time to access the information. The weekly schedule will feature a range of topics, with MDE sessions featured in the second and third week. Each week will include:

  • Live breakout and/or peer group discussion
  • Pre-recorded 50-minute breakouts
  • Pre-recorded 9-minute “Webi-nines” for quick access to information.

Agenda at a Glance

  • Weekly conference events and content will be announced at the beginning of each week.
  • Links to register for live events, and to download recorded content and handouts, are included below.

Week 3 — May 18-22

Live Sessions

Tuesday, May 19, 12:30-1:30pm
Live Peer Group Session: Planning for Next Year

Have a conversation with others from across the state about what they are thinking about and doing now to start preparing for the next school year regarding multiple learning options, preparing facilities, negotiating supplier contracts, staffing decisions and more! (Credits not available.)

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Wednesday, May 20, 10:00-11:00am
Live Legislative Weekly Webcast

With the end of the regular legislative session on May 18, Valerie will provide a recap of outcomes that will impact school districts. (Credits not available.)

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Thursday, May 21, 1:00-2:00pm
Live Breakout: HR Update
(registration required, credits available)
Megan Schwanz and Brenna Ramy — Abdo Eick and Meyers

COVID-19, FFCRA, Stay-At-Home: Returning to Work - Where do we go from here and how has HR changed in the last six months. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Recorded Breakouts

Fiscal Year Review of LTFM Approved vs. UFARS Cost Reconciliation (credits available)
Sarah Miller – MDE

This session will give a "user friendly" overview of the fiscal year end LTFM Approved vs. UFARS Cost Reconciliation process. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Reconciliation of SEDRA to UFARS (credits available)
Beth Tomlinson – MDE

The reporting of your special education costs in SEDRA and UFARS must be reconciled at year's end. If these costs are not reconciled, it can create issues with your special education state aid and tuition billing expenses and revenues. This session highlights what to look for in your reconciliation and how to correct issues should they arise. (Credits not available.)

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Recorded WebiNines

Getting Comfortable with Tech in the Remote Workplace
Christina Rowe – The Collaborative Team

Now that we’ve had a few months of virtual work under our belts, learn tips to help you get more comfortable and effective using the technologies, and help others to do the same. (Credits not available.)

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Cleaning Supplies & LTFM
Sarah Miller – Minnesota Department of Education

In addition to her LTFM work, Sarah is now leading the COVID-19 Response Center. In this sessions she will share some of the general resources available, as well as specific information and insights regarding cleaning supplies, your facilities, and LTFM. (Credits not available.)

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Ask SpEd
Paul Ferrin – Minnesota Department of Education

MASBO members asked the questions, and Paul provides the answers, including additional resources for digging deeper. (Credits not available.)

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Special Education Application - Out-of-State Tuition for Minnesota Residents
Jill Bemis – MDE

Minnesota Statutes establish the requirements for a local educational agency (LEA) to receive funds for special education out-of-state student placements. This overview highlights which students are eligible and how MARSS enrollment data is used. You will learn when to record expenditures in the Special Education Data Reporting Application (SEDRA) and how to submit an application. (Credits not available.)

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Week 2 — May 11-15

Live Sessions

Tuesday, May 12, 9:00-10:00am
School Business Essentials: COVID-19 Gains and Losses
(separate registration required)
Tom Sager, Director of Business Services – Mankato Area Public Schools

A group of southern Minnesota business managers were discussing the many impacts of the coronavirus on their districts, and the result was a list of “Gains and Losses.” Tom will share this framework and how he has applied it to his work in his own district, and will facilitate a group discussion of possible impacts for your district now and in the future. (Credits not available.)

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Wednesday, May 13, 11:00am-12:00pm
Live Peer Group Session: How Do We End the Year?

Join the discussion about all of the details in ending a school year, including refunds, audits, summer programs and childcare, summer lunch programs, and staffing decisions. (Credits not available.)

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Thursday, May 14, 1:00-2:00pm
Live Breakout: Cleaning & Disinfecting Facilities – Lessons from COVID-19
(registration required, credits available)
Amy Satterfield – IEA, Inc.

With a focus on managing a respiratory outbreak pandemic, school districts are navigating new waters in managing the risk of infection spread. Many buildings are vacant or with minimal staff, but many are housing the childcare service for frontline workers as well as food services. It is critally important to review and consider the best cleaning and disinfecting program for your building occupants and staff safety. This presentation will review the current virus facts, how studies are showing it can impact your facility, sanitizing success and examples of what is not working from testing data. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Recorded Breakouts

Employment Issues Related to COVID-19
John Edison – Rupp, Anderson, Squires, & Waldspurger, P.A.

This session will provide updates and answers to frequent questions on general leave and accommodation issues resulting from COVID-19 impacts. This will include FMLA public health emergency leave and emergency paid sick leave under FFCRA, as well as addressing suspected COVID-19 illness in the workplace. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Accounting and Auditing Update
Jim Eichten – MMKR

This session is intended to cover new topics in school district accounting and auditing including the implementation of GASB Statements on fiduciary funds, student activities and leases. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Maintenance of Effort
Denise Berger – MDE

In this session, Denise will cover the eligibility and compliance standard, allowable exceptions and reports, as well as discuss questions resulting from COVID-19. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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MSBA Staff

MSBA will be answering questions submitted by MASBO members regarding open meeting law, the role of the business office in negotiations, board authorizations and more. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Recorded WebiNines

Creating Engagement in Large Virtual Meetings
Christina Rowe – The Collaborative Team

Large virtual meetings create a new set of challenges. Hear tips how to most effectively run large meetings, and learn the best tools to maximize engagement for the attendees. (Credits not available.)

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Ergonomics in the Home Office
Shane Collins – Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

Now that many of us are working from home, take a few minutes to help set up your best work space. (Credits not available.)

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Market Update
Kyle Jones – PFM Asset Management

This session will provide a high level economic and financial market overview as it relates to COVID-19, and will focus on what the future may hold for investment earnings for Minnesota school districts. (Credits not available.)

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Guidance for Transfer of Funds
Deb Meier – MDE; Molly Koppes – MDE

This session will review the executive orders on fund transfers, and will walk through the Request for Transfer of Funds form. (Credits not available.)

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Week 1 — May 4-8

Live Sessions

Tuesday, May 5, 11:00am-12:00pm
Peer Group Session: COVID-19 Impacts

Led by the MASBO Board of Directors, this session will provide a forum for members to share questions and experiences for COVID-19 impacts in the areas of community education, fund transfers, and employment issues. (Credits not available.)

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Wednesday, May 6, 9:00am-12:00pm
Certification Course Webinar: Cash Management & Investing II
(separate registration and payment required)
Brian Johnson – PFM Asset Management; Danny Nelson – PFM Asset Management

This session will discuss in detail the different kinds of investments available to school districts, along with liquidity, investment policy and Minnesota legal requirements. Cash flow management strategies will also be reviewed, including short term borrowing and arbitrage. (Credits provided to all attendees after completing the test.)

Thursday, May 7, 12:45-1:00pm
Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Meeting will include a brief MASBO update and voting on new Board members, as well as announcement of our 2020 award recipients. Stay on-line for the live breakout session, “Planning for the Future in a Time of Uncertainty,” which immediately follows.

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Thursday, May 7, 1:00-2:00pm
Planning for the Future in a Time of Uncertainty
(registration required, credits available)
Ann Thomas – Forecast5; Scot Ecker – Forecast5; Todd Netzke – Forecast5; Joel Finstad – Forecast5; John Carlson – Rochester Public Schools; Kathy Miller – Westonka Schools; Ed Harris – Chatfield Schools; Mike Harvey – Zumbrota Mazeppa Schools

This session will highlight the importance of financial planning, including current year budget analysis and using this information to develop a multi-year financial plan. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Friday, May 8, 1:00-2:00pm
Legislative Weekly Webcast

Valerie Dosland – Ewald Consulting

Valerie works very closely with the other educational organizations to inform legislators and impact policy and legislation, and in this webinar she will share what she’s working on, what’s she’s hearing, and how MASBO members can provide information and outreach regarding all of the issues facing districts. (Credits not available.)

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Recorded Breakouts

Navigating Minnesota’s New Wage Theft Laws (credits available)
Hannah Woosley – Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting

Minnesota legislators passed a new wage theft law in 2019, requiring employers to take affirmative steps to comply. Join us for a discussion about the wage theft compliance challenges experienced by many school districts in the state. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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GASB 75 Common Disclosure Issues and Tips from an Actuary (credits available)
Jill Urdahl, FSA – Hildi, Inc.

Now that a couple of GASB 75 disclosure cycles are behind us, let's discuss what we see most for common errors or inconsistencies in the financial statements. This session will provide tips and reminders from an actuarial perspective on getting the issues spruced up. (Credit codes are first two words of session title.)

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Recorded WebiNines

Making Your Remote Meeting Work
Christina Rowe – The Collaborative Team

Not all remote meetings are the same. Learn how to choose the appropriate meeting format in the remote workplace, for everything from all-staff to vendor meetings. (Credits not available.)

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Understanding the New 2020 Form W-4
Leah Davis – Abdo, Eick & Meyer

Due to federal law changes in 2018, the 2020 Form W-4 is very different from previous forms. This session will provide a quick review of the changes, the employee tax estimator, the instructions for completing the new form and where to get more information. (Credits not available.)

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Tuesday, April 28


Live Keynote: Making Virtual Work for You and Your Organization (credits available)
Christina Rowe – The Collaborative Team

Thanks to our Keynote Sponsor

ehlers sponsor

As leaders in the many transitions of our reality today, its important to know ways to make virtual enhance our work, not just facilitate it. This session will help you show up as an impactful leader in the remote workplace, to understand how to better structure and conduct different kinds of remote meetings, enhance your communications, and best utilize the technologies to lead, connect and get work done. Participants will also receive downloadable materials to help manage virtual communications and meetings. (Credit code words announced during presentation.)

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Easily Accessible Content for Everyone

Thanks to our Technology Sponsor

Nexus Solutions

After the opening keynote presentation, sessions will be provided over three weeks to allow time for members to access this content in the busy, ever-changing environment that we find ourselves in. Starting on Monday, May 4—and for the following two Mondays—the week’s schedule will be released. During the week members can then choose to attend live sessions via Zoom, or access recorded sessions on-demand. Session information will also be listed here on our web site.

Credit Hours Available

The Minnesota Board of School Administrators has approved four credit hours for the Virtual Conference. In order to receive the credits, four one-hour sessions (either live sessions or pre-recorded sessions) must be viewed. Credits are not given for the 9 minute webinines. Please note that only four credit hours can be received, and you need to attend four sessions in order to receive the credits.

The sessions that apply toward credits will be marked as having credits available. During those sessions, there will be two code words announced, one in the middle of the presentation and one at the end. Keep track of the code words.

After you have viewed four sessions, submit the code words via this form to file for your credits. Please note that only four credit hours can be received, and submissions for any other amounts will not be accepted. For example, if you attend only three sessions, you will not receive any credits; if you attend five sessions, you will only receive four credits. You must submit your credit hours on the form before June 12. After your credits have been reviewed and verified, credit hours will be posted to your profile by June 12.

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