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Employment listings may be viewed at any time by clicking on the following link. MASBO Active members also have the option to subscribe to an email notification system, that will alert you when a new position has been posted. To subscribe, follow the link below, select “School Business-Related” Postings and then save your preferences.

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To Post an Employment Listing

MASBO Active members may post open positions within business offices at no charge. Positions that may be posted include:

  • Business Managers
  • Other Business Office Staff (Accounting, Payroll, administrative, etc.)
  • Other Managers (HR, Buildings & Grounds, Food Service, Transportation, etc.)

Please do not post jobs from outside of these areas, such as Principals, Curriculum Directors, Custodians, Community Ed Directors, etc. Instead, please have those positions posted with the associations to which they are more closely aligned.

MASBO Associate and members may post positions within the school business field which would be applicable to MASBO members.

To post a job, click on the link to the posting form below, and enter the information. Once the form has been submitted, the posting will be added to our web site listing, and an email announcement will automatically be sent to Active members who have subscribed to the posting notification email system.

There is no fee for postings submitted by Active members. Associate members may post an employment position for a fee of $200.

Job postings will be uploaded to our web site, and an email for the posting will be sent to members subscribed to our job posting notification system. Please complete all fields in the form to prevent delays.

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